Elderly man dies due to youth’s misadventure in DHA

KARACHI: An 81-year-old man succumbed to injuries caused in a hit-and-run incident while a youth was one-wheeling on his motorbike in upscale DHA area of Karachi on Wednesday, ARY News reported.

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Mohammad Usman, 81, was strolling in his neigbourhood that a youngster riding his bike with its one wheel above the road hit the man.

The rider along with other youngsters fled the scene leaving the elderly man struggling for life roadside. No one come to his rescue or to provide first-aid and Usman ultimately succumbed to his wounds.

Police have obtained CCTV footage which shows the youngsters exchanging their shirts at the scene to avoid identification. Meanwhile, SSP South promised strict action against the culprits.

Accidents caused by over-speeding or racing are common in several areas of the city including DHA, Clifton and Shahrah-e-Faisal but the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have been seen not taking considerable action against the ones responsible.

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Elderly man dies due to youth’s misadventure in DHA

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