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Electoral rigging: JC receives report on Form 15

The report contained Form 15’s record of 249 constituencies of the National Assembly, 108 of the Sindh Assembly, 38 of Baluchistan Assembly and 95 constituencies of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly.

Out of 63000 polling stations of the National Assembly, Form 15 of 20000 stations were found missing, while there was no record of 12000 out of 39000 Form 15 of the Punjab Assembly.

In PM Nawaz Sharif’s constituency NA-120, 114 out of 220 Form 15 were missing. In NA-55 where from Sheikh Rasheed was elected, record of 91 out of 249 forms could not be found.

The report added that in Imran Khan’s constituency NA-56, 34 out of 255 forms were missing, while of Hamza Shahbaz’s area of contest NA-119, 78 out of 242 forms could not be retrieved.

In NA-125 [Saad Rafique’s constituency], 169 Form 15 were missing out of a total of 265.

In Ahsan Iqbal’s constituency NA-117, 66 of 255 forms were missing, while Fehmida Mirza’s quarter NA-225 had no record of 219 out of 292 Form 15.

In NA-52, Chaudhry Nisar’s area, 69 out of 351 Form 15 were missing.

On the other hand, PTI leader Jehangir Tareen said that the judicial commission’s inquiry provided enough of evidence and everything is clear now.

In his exclusive talk with ARY News, he quoted Imran Khan to be rightly saying that the ‘evidences are lying in the bags’ and thanked the commission for getting these bags opened.

“It is being established that the General Elections 2013 were rigged in an organized manner,” Tareen asserted.



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