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This smart bracelet changes color to match your outfit

This bracelet  lets you change its lights’ color to match every outfit or occasion and that’s not all that it can do.

‘elemoon’ also has the ability to filter and alert you to important calls and texts. It can help you find your phone as well.

This invention bridges gap between art and technology. With a single tap you can find your phone and with a double tap the bracelet turns into watch. This can match any of your costume and there is much more.

“At the very beginning, we knew we wanted to make something different. We decided to start with a bracelet and gradually master the art and science of a whole jewelry line: necklaces, earrings, cufflinks—you name it! We’ve always wanted to make tech products more humane and convey more emotions. We knew that software combining hardware could bring truly emotional experiences and be a bigger part of people’s lives,” said elemoon.com.

Activity Tracking is the latest feature in elemoon as more features could be added to this technology in the future. Through this feature it tracks your steps and calories.

“Thanks to your support and suggestions, we are adding Activity Tracking to the features that elemoon offers! We’ve talked to our engineering team and are brainstorming on even more new features we can enable via software updates with our current hardware! This means for every backer supporting elemoon, new features will be available as we grow!” elemoon announced.

Here are main features of this smart technology.

Match Every Outfit

Take a photo of anything and upload it to the elemoon app. elemoon will automatically create a matching design to light up your wrist! You can also zoom in to choose a specific color.

Receive Custom Notifications

Get a text or call, but don’t want to pull out your phone to see if it’s urgent? elemoon will vibrate and display custom icons for the people you choose. You can set icons of your choice for a picked out contact or list of contacts.

Find Your Phone

Don’t know where you left your phone? Just tap elemoon to set off an audio alert so you can find it right away.

Activity Tracking

elemoon tracks your steps to help you reach your health goals.

Time Display

Tap elemoon twice to display the time.

The bracelet is available in two sizes — standard and petite — and two colors — gold and silver .

You need to install elemoon app that is available on android and Apple to sync it with your bracelet.



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