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Elephant Kaavan being maltreated at Islamabad zoo

According to a video uploaded by Help Welfare Organization (HFO), elephant Kaavan was being poorly treated by his mahout, who was trying to heckle the animal into its small enclosure. According to the post on HWO’s Facebook page, Kaavan was being chained when it was in fact his pool time. The mahout was trying to move the animal into its small enclosure by moving him out of the pool. Here is the video for you to see and witness:-

Here are also a couple of pictures uploaded on their Facebook page:-

Team HWO went murghazar zoo on 28 February 2016 to visit kaavan. and unfortunately kaavan was chained and he was…

Posted by Help Welfare Organization on Monday, February 29, 2016

Kaavan was chained inside its enclosure in Islamabad Zoo for the safety as well as security for visitors after his female companion, who was named Saheli, passed away in 2012. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself had intervened after a global hue and cry had been raised for the animal’s well treatment. Kaavan was then unchained from his shackles and allowed to roam inside his enclosure.

Animal rights organisations have been campaigning to transfer Kaavan to an elephant sanctuary.



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