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‘Elvis Presley faked death’

Conspiracy theorists believe that late American singer and actor Elvis Presley had faked his death because he was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operative.

The conspiracists claim that the illustrious pop singer had participated in ‘Operation Fountain Pen’ which targeted a criminal gang ‘The Fraternity’, therefore, he was fearful for his life.

The eccentric theory said that the King of Rock and Roll faked his own death to take part in the FBI operation.

Presley had passed away in 1977 at the age of 42. In his last years, he was immoderately eating food and using drug. The King was found dead in bathroom.

A documentary on the theory has resurfaced on YouTube. In the video, Bill Bixby claims to have FBI documents of the Operation Fountain Pen.

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Luc Dionne, who claims he has worked for the Canadian government, said he had the old documents which contained Elvis’ handwriting.

“We can find numerous notation and correction in what I believe is Elvis’ handwriting.

“I’m almost positive that Elvis Presley continued his involvement in Operation Fountain Pen for several years after his alleged death,” Dionne said.

A man who claims to be a handwriting expert, Paul Weast said: “This handwriting was compared to known handwriting of Elvis Presley and it matches very, very closely.”



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