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Eminem demonstrates superpowers in latest music video 'Phenomenal'

We always knew Eminem was skilled to almost perfection, but this video takes Slim Shady’s prowess to a whole new level.

Eminem is the executive producer of the upcoming, much anticipated Jake Gyllenhaal movie Southpaw. The boxing movie is about a down-but-not-out boxer who fights his inner demons in a herculean attempt to salvage a second chance at life. The action packed Hollywood flicked deserved a high octane song and none but Eminem delivered with the song Phenomenal.

The video begins with Eminem waking up inside a hospital, clueless as to his whereabouts. As soon as he gets out of the hospital bed, an attendant attempts to put him back down when Marshall Mathers delivers a couple of punches to subdue him. Surprised, Eminem makes his way out of the hospital (after another round of intense bouts with the hospital’s staff) and finds an eerie gentleman (John Malkovich) eating noodles and beckoning Eminem to ‘come back’.


Eminem – Phenomenal (Official Clip) by buzzvid-trailers-cinema



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