Emirates Airways comes forth with world’s largest passenger plane

Emirates Airways demonstrated to the world the largest airplane in the world. An Airbus A380, it is fitted with 615 seats, making it the airplane with the highest number of seats.

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Such is the awe of the plane, that it can fit almost a small village. These planes were unveiled by Emirates Airways during the Dubai Airshow this week and are expected to fly a route between Dubai and Copenhagen by December.

As of now, Air France has the record for having the largest capacity configuration airplane, with a total number of 538 seats. Emirate Airways’ two class A380 aircrafts are set to challenge that record, in the sense that they will have 557 seats in Economy class and the rest 58 seats along with a lounge, in Business class.

For those who are worrying whether it would get too crammy in the Economy class, Emirates assured that passengers of the Economy class will be entitled to in-flight entertainment.

Going into the details, the website stated that the space behind the back of one seat with the back of another seat, will be 32-34 inches. The width was slightly reduced to 17.5 inches.

Emirates has a lot to be proud of; the airline is oft commended for possessing the best in-flight entertainment. It has more than 500 films on offer, hence its entertainment system has been named as the best in the world, for a record eleven years straight.

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Emirates Airways comes forth with world’s largest passenger plane

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