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Altaf appeals to Army Chief to end illegal closure of 'Biryani of the Seas'

Altaf Hussain also urged the army to chief to make sure that all items confiscated by the rangers personnel be returned immediately. In a statement Altaf said that on Thursday night, Rangers conducted an illegal raid on MQM MNA Ali Raza Abidi’s restaurant located in Clifton and arrested the manager as well as Abidi’s cousin. Rangers also proceeded to seal the restaurant. Altaf also said that Rangers were providing different reasons for sealing Abidi’s restaurant and that it was a move to financially harass Ali Raza Abidi.

Altaf also said that during the raid that was conducted by Rangers, computer, laptop, recording camera and other items were confiscated by them. Altaf urged General Raheel Sharif to ensure that before the confiscated items were lost, they be returned back and the illegal closure of Biryani of the Seas be ended.



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