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End to PM Sharif’s reign is near, says Qureshi

It’s the 40th day of Islamabad sit-on on Monday (tomorrow) and seems the government end is also near, he said while addressing PTI supporters at PTI’s public gathering at Mazar-e-Quaid.

Qureshi said the time for end to Nawaz Sharif’s reign was near.

He said Imran has waked up the entire Pakistan nation.

He asked the PML-N leaders to count the strength of participants in PTI rally in Karachi to know his party’s massive public support.

He said the huge participation of people had proved the masses were standing with him.

In the 2013 elections, he said, 8,00,000 million Karachiites voted for ‘bat’, electoral symbol of PTI.

The PTI leader asked the people of Karachi, “Has terrorism ended in the wake of operation against criminals on orders of PM Nawaz Sharif?”

He vowed that the PTI would ensure peace in Karachi, once it came to power.



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