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Uses of adversity: electirical engineer turns into expert chef during pandemic

KARACHI: As the saying goes ‘sweet are the uses of adversity’, the practical example of this is displayed in the humble struggle of Huzaifa Ahmed Khan, who would never have become a successful pizza chef if wasn’t for the absence of jobs pandemic.

ARY News spoke earlier to Huzaifa, who completed his electrical engineering graduation from a private university, as he narrated his story on how he cropped up to be a successful pizza chef and entrepreneur after Covid-led lockdown.

Huzaifa was forced to give up on his default career and his comfort zone to make sure he and his family season the pandemic-led crisis and this gave rise to his ambition to become an expert pizza chef.

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Huzaifa who used to tutor students before the pandemic broke out here in Pakistan, found himself shackled and thus motivated to do something as his earnings were shelling out with no income.

But since hardwork and talent do not require any degree, as Huzaifa puts it, he set his foot in the entrepreneurship arena and started learning to cook pizza only to see his struggle bear fruit shortly.



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