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England decides to extend immigrant visas till coronavirus threat looms

LONDON: The British Ministry of Interior has announced an extension in visas for foreigners currently in the country as the world remains in perpetual lockdown, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

According to details, The British Home office has decided that those foreigners whose visas are near expiration or have already run out their date for staying in the country will not be made to do so, the government had given such individuals orders to either leave or they were being forcefully devoted before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

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All such individuals have been asked to contact the British Home Office and their visas will be extended up till May 30 in the first phase and if the situation deteriorates further, the visas will simultaneously be extended in the same vain.

British Minister for Interior, Priti Patel said that the Home Office will not carry out raids to catch immigrants whose visas have run out till the deadly pandemic threat does not subside.

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On the other hand, Patel has made it clear that once the situation clears up and authorities have gained control of the conundrum, all individuals being given visa extensions will have to move out of the country.



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