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Establishment displeased with MQM for 40 years, says Altaf

In a telephonic address to MQM workers at party headquarters Nine-Zero over gathering to mark Senate victory on Thursday, Mr. Hussain said establishment was displeased with the MQM for last 40 years.

He reiterated that Daesh, global terrorist organization, has its root in Pakistan.

During his speech, the MQM chief asked the party leader and newly-elected Senator Barrister Muhammad Saif to apprise the country about Daesh and its commander in Pakistan.

Saif claimed that Hafiz Syed is Daesh’s chief in Pakistan, who was formerly the TTP leader.

He claimed that Syed has been designated as Daesh’s commander of Pakistan chapter.

“They [militants] identify Daesh as Wilaya Khurasaan in Pakistan”. He informed that Daesh has strong roots in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan.”

Mr. Hussain recalled the then Army Chief Asif Nawaz Janjua had stated in 90s that he was proud to be a Punjabi.

He asked the PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari whether he doesn’t like calling himself as Sindhi.

Regarding arrest and forced disappearances of party workers, the MQM chief regretted that, “if we go to courts, we still don’t get justice.”

He said MQM is formed by the poor people, which will continue serving the poor and all segments of the country.



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