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European Parliament vows to help Pakistan eradicate cancer

BRUSSELS: Former Prime Minister of Slovenia, Member European Parliament (MEP), President MAC (MEPs Against Cancer) Alojz Peterle has promised Pakistan to help in cancer research and treatment as much as possible.

He made this promise in a meeting with a veteran Pakistani journalist, currently based in UK, Azfar Bukhari in the sideline of the 20th annual reception of European Parliament in Brussels.

Bukhari was invited at the annual reception hosted by the 20-member group of EU Parliamentarian. Notables from all around the globe were also invited to attend this extra ordinary event.

Apart from journalism Bukhari is famous for his strong socio-political ties not only in Pakistan but in other countries of the Middle East and Europe as well.

Whereas, Azfar Bukhari has formally invited Alojz Peterle, while accepting the invitation Peterle has assured that he would schedule the trip to Pakistan very soon.

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“It (the work on cancer) will be a very huge success as cancer is on the rise in Pakistan and bringing EU and Pakistan together will open new doors of eradicating cancer form the world,” said Peterle.

The MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) group is an informal group of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) at the European Parliament committed to actions against cancer. The MEPs Against Cancer work together in order to improve cancer prevention control and prevention in Europe.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Zoran Zaev with Bukhari

“Of course Pakistan is going through the hardest time ever since its inception, and this type of international activism is absolutely commendable that would definitely bring a good gesture for the nation,” said Bukhari.

During the annual reception event, Bukhari presented a memorandum to the European Parliament that said, “The world must listen to the voice of Kashmir the long standing dispute between two nuclear neighbors needs to be resolved in accordance with the United Nations resolutions the right of self determination for the Kashmiri people needs to be respected and world community needs to come forward to stop atrocities and human right violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.

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“Pakistan is a progressive nation, which is fighting the war against global terrorism; Pakistan is also the worst hit nation by terrorism. We are strong and we will defeat terrorism and extremism.”

Bukhari also met Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev. The meeting lasted for more than half an hour during which Zoran assured opening of a mission in Pakistan soon and also showed his willingness to help Pakistan in health, education field.

He also invited Bukhari on official visit to Macedonia in January to initiate further dialogue to form cultural and social ties with Pakistan.

He further said that Macedonian gates were open to Pakistani businessmen and Bukhari must form a trade group to enhance business between the two countries.

Alojz Peterle with Bukhari

Chairperson of Delegation for Relations with India also met Bukhari and showed his keen interest to visit Pakistan.

Azfar Bukhari is considered to be the closest to the leadership of the Pakistan Peoples Party in the past. He was offered several positions from several governments, however, he refused to take any kind of political position.

In the year 2011 Provincial assembly of Sindh had passed a unanimous resolution to honor his services rendered for the country.

Answering a query, Bukhari has said that he was not interested in taking any position in the government as he wanted to retain his present position for the betterment of his country.

He is equally popular and respected within the major Pakistani political quarters as well as the civil, military establishment of the country.

Azfar Bukhari said he will continue his efforts for the positive image of the country and would also use his influence for the betterment of Pakistan. He further said all the citizen of Pakistan are the ambassadors of this country and everyone should actively take part for the progressive Pakistan in future.



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