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An event which like no other takes place in Chakwal, Punjab every year

Chakwal: Ever heard of a beauty contest in which the contestants walk down on all fours? Well, such an event can be witnessed in Chakwal, Punjab where the contestants can be seen dancing on their trainer’s tunes.

Arranged by the landlords of the area, a yearly event, the Goat Beauty Contest takes place in July.

On the third Thursday of Haarh, the fourth Punjabi month the annual goat fair is held at the shrine of Hazrat Shaikh Islam in which, people participate from all districts and far away areas bringing in their pet goats which they prepare all year round for the festival.

The winning goats are awarded with a cash prize of 1 lakh, 50,000 and 25,000 rupees respectively.

People stand around the ground in a circle. While the animals walk in between displaying their gait. The goats are decorated with gaanis, thalehars and karian. At the end of the competition, a bidding takes place where attendees bid for the goat they like the best

Madonna, belonging to a landlord of Qasba Kallu, secured first position in the contest this year with Reshma coming in second, and Paghro third. An attendee made a bid of 10 lakhs for Madonna but her owner refused to sell her at the quoted price.



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