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Everyday habits that can cost your health dearly!

1. The early morning stretch

Stretching your arms out as soon as you wake up early in the morning can prove to be quite burdensome for your health in the long run. According to health experts, as soon as you wake up in the morning and stretch, the discs at the back of your neck can get harmed. When you wake up, it is advisable to at first walk around or do some light activity such as brush your hair, sit in different postures etc before stretching. This will avoid neck and back pain.

2. Stop wearing tight jeans!

If you think those jeans are too much tightly wound around your legs and you need to jump into something more comfortable, stop wearing those jeans! Tight jeans can hamper blood circulation in your groin and thighs. Added strain on the nerves, muscles every time you move also never bodes well!

3. Constantly chewing gum

Chewing gum all day can also take its toll on your jaw. For the regular, normal chewing gums will certainly tire your jaws and can cause pain in the long run. So if you don’t want you gums to start bleeding out or your jaw to tense or become fatigues, stop chewing all the time!

4. Sleeping on the stomach- stop it!  

Sleeping on the stomach does not contribute to loss of belly fat, according to the popular belief. Remaining asleep fro 8 hours plus in that position means your blood circulation is being hampered and the neck is in an unnatural position. Neck pain can be caused due to this sleeping habit of yours.

5. Standing with all the pressure on your knees

It is better to stand on your knees and avoiding all the pressure on your joints. When you stand with the knees bent a little, this will aid you immensely in distributing the weight of your body evenly. If the knees come under added pressure, it will be bad for the joints.



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