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Kayani rejects rigging accusations, seeks concrete proofs

Addressing a press conference, he rejected that he had any influence in manipulating results of the polls, as revealed by former additional secretary ECP Afzal Khan in ARY News program ‘Khara Such’ hosted by senior anchor Mubashir Lucman on Sunday.

Kayani, the ex-ECP member from Punjab, claimed that Afzal cast aspersions against him as he was not given extension in his service in the ECP.

He asked why Afzal Khan recalled all this after 14 months.

To a question whether he would file case in the court against Afzal for ‘false accusations’, Kiyani responded that he would go to his office and consult with relevant officers. I cannot take solitary decision and thorough consultation is required before any legal action,” he informed.

He said, “I was blamed for destroying 90 percent of elections; this is a general allegation and it should have been specified that what wrong I did in the polls.”

“It’s totally a frivolous allegation and general in nature. It is true that that I wrote maximum decisions but most of the decisions required at least two members to jot it down. We have been discussing policies and devising strategic plans as a group,” he told.

To another query, he said he started practice from 1963 and never fought case on behalf on Sharif brothers. And it’s totally wrong that I ever gave any opinion to Sharif brothers in any case.

The ex-ECP official said unverified votes could not be termed bogus.

He claimed that Afzal was maligning him as he did not get extension in his service. I enjoyed my reputation throughout my service with integrity, he said.

He elaborated that the Supreme Court in its verdict on 14 March, 2014 directed that delimitations would be carried out by the ECP. Justice Jillani wrote in the decision that they had full confidence in the ECP. Therefore we should not be blamed for it, he added.

Responding to another accusation of Afzal, Justice (R) Kayani said he was getting his pension as it was sanctioned by SC bench in 2008 and later the court withdrew its order in 2012. We 62 judges of the high court filed review against it.

He also rejected that he had Rs 1 million salary during his service.

Afzal Khan had claimed on Sunday that general elections on May 11, 2013 were massively rigged and people’s mandate was stole. He revealed that



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