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Ex-Servicemen Society rejects Musharraf’s statement about military

ISLAMABAD: Ex-Servicemen Society has rejected the statement of Pervez Musharraf that the military is upset at the treason trial against him and standing by his side – ARY News reports.

In a release issued on Monday, president of the Ex-Servicemen Society, Lieutenant General (R) Hameed Gul has said that the military does not want to say anything about former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf's statement. He added that it seems as if Musharraf tends to allege the army and doing so is a violation of article-6 of the Constitution.

Hameed Gul said that imposing emergency and detaining the judges was a personal act of Pervez Musharraf.

He quoted former President claiming that the then Cabinet implemented the emergency, which shows that military had no involvement in the act.

He suggested Pervez Musharraf to acquire legal ways and let the Judiciary decide in the case meritoriously.



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