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EXCLUSIVE : 2 years after Nanga Parbat attack, mountaineering makes comeback in Pakistan


Nanga Parbat Base Camp
The 2013 attack took place at this base camp situated at a height of 4,200 metres


The dead included one American, three Ukrainians, two Slovakians, one Lithuainian, one Chinese, a Sherpa from Nepal and a Pakistani guide. Police later said that the attackers managed to reach the camp after first kidnapping two Pakistani guides.

A surviving Pakistani climber, Sher Khan, told the BBC that terrorists first took money, satellite phones and radio sets that the climbers had, before tying them with ropes. After that, they were shot from behind. He also said that as the attackers left they kept shouting “This is revenge for Sheikh bin Laden”.

To date, while several arrests have been made, none of the suspects have so far been tried before a court of law.


Resurgence in mountaineering expeditions in 2015


The shooting tragedy, however, now seems far away now. According to the Altitude Pakistan blog which tracks mountaineering expeditions to Pakistan, 10 expeditions will try and conquer K2 (at 8,611 metres, the world’s second highest mountain), 11 will attempt the 8,051 metres high (12th highest in the world) Broad Peak, and 11 will seek to climb the Gasherbrums, a series of peaks near K2 with Gasherbrum at 8,080 metres, the 11th highest mountain in the world.

Here are the complete details of the mountain peaks as well as the expeditions hailing from different countries across the world, who will attempt to conquer them.

1. K2

Starting off with K2, 10 expeditions from across the globe will attempt to climb the mountain. The Madison Mountaineering Expedition features climbers mostly from the United States as well as one climber each from Nepal, France and Pakistan. A Pakistani expedition comprised of the brother-sister duo of Mirza Ali and the famous Samina Baig will also head for the mountain.

Teams from the European countries Switzerland and Spain, each comprising of three members will also take part in the K2 venture. Expeditions hailing from Argentina, Equador, Hungary, Romania, Australia, New Zealand and UK will also take part. An International Seven Summits Expedition is also comprised of climbers from France, Canada, Norway, Ireland and Spain.

2. Broad Peak

Broad peak is the 12th highest mountain in the world and mountaineers from all over the world will also attempt to climb it. An International team comprised of climbers hailing from Slovakia, New Zealand, Romania and Bulgaria will be headed towards the mountain.

Spain will have plenty representation at the mountain with climber Ferran Latorre and another team consisting of two Spanish climbers titled Spanish 2x14x8000ers will try tp climb Broad Peak. Climber Chris Burke will lead a team of climbers hailing from Australia, New Zealand and Nepal. Canadian climber Al-Hancock and Billi Bierling from Germany are also separate climbers who will try to scale Broad Peak.Teams from Ecuador, Poland and Singapore will also climb Broad Peak.

A Summit Climb Expedition team comprised of 19 climbers hailing from Pakistan, Spain, Germany, US, UK, Austria and Switzerland will attempt to climb Broad Peak.

3. Gasherbrums

11 teams comprised of mountaineers from Czech Republic, Poland, Chile, USA, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru and Taiwan will also attempt to conquer Gasherbrums. Gasherbrums are located northeastern end of the Baltoro Glacier in the Karakoram range of the Himalaya on the border of the Chinese-administered Shaksgam Valley and the Gilgit-Baltistan territory of Pakistan.



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