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Eximbank Korea stressed to expedite development of IT Park

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rehman on Wednesday stressed with the visiting delegation from the Eximbank of Korea to expedite work on the establishment of the first purpose built IT park in Pakistan.

The Eximbank team has conducted feasibility study for the IT park in Islamabad and shared in detail the salient features, models and proposed designs along with other technical aspects.

The minister welcomed the Korean delegation and shared with them the ministry’s vision to provide good infrastructure to the IT industry to leverage the full potential of the IT talent in Pakistan.


She said that the IT park will provide a whole ecosystem including affordable space to IT companies along with power, bandwidth, and linkages between industry and academia. She announced that the IT Park in Islamabad will be followed by two more parks at Lahore and Karachi.

Rehman while speaking to the delegates said that it is the government’s vision and mission to launch state-of-the-art IT parks in Pakistan at the earliest to provide an ecosystem for the IT industry of Pakistan and this it is necessary to expedite the work on establishment of the IT park.

Moreover, there is a huge requirement for state-of-the-art infrastructure in Pakistan from the IT industry so that companies can upscale their resources and capacity and Pakistan can achieve its real potential in the global IT industry.



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