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Experts clueless as ‘mysterious’ creature washes ashore Mexican beach

However, its haunting appearance has confused people around the world, who claim the specimen could even be a ‘humanoid fish’ or some form of alien creature, reported the Express UK.

The as-yet unidentifiable specimen was found on the rocks of Cerralvo Island near the Mexican coast of Baja California Sur.

The fisherman who filmed the footage of the creature can be heard saying: “This animal is the devil or a mermaid, who knows which one.

Video source: Metro.co.uk

“It has a tail, hair, a mouth like a human but two horns. This is a rare animal.”

In the background of the video, one of his colleagues insists the animal was a half-human-half-fish creature – not unlike a mermaid.

Experts and social media users have suggested a wide range of possible identities for the mystery creature but none have yet been confirmed.


Around 14,000 people have watched reports of the creature’s discovery on Facebook and YouTube in recent days.

Viewers on Facebook claimed the creature could be a sea iguana or a dolphin while others pushed forward theories of an alien “who could not handle the heat and atmosphere”.




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