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Explore the uncharted territory of World to the West on Xbox One

Microsoft and Rain Games have announced that action puzzler World to the West will be available for the world to explore on May 5 providing an opportunity to explore the mysteries of an uncharted territory.

Marte Haugsbo, writer of World to the West, while making the announcement in a blog post said they are “unbelievably stoked to announce that a new continent, far to the left of the known world, has been discovered.”

“These lands house the abandoned ruins of an ancient civilization and the countries of the old world are taking careful steps in exploring it, lounging on the outskirts of the wilderness, unaware of the dangers lurking below.”

Xbox players will be able to explore the lush jungles, placid lakes and deep and dark caverns of the uncertain territory.

The new game is said to have a new take on the top down action adventure genre, and although it may be about people adventuring in the lush ruins of a long-forgotten civilization, but has a bit of ‘special sparkle’ to it.

The main feature of the game is playing as four unique characters, each hailing from individual nations and possessing unique identities and abilities, motivations, skills and interweaving storylines: Lumina the Teslamancer, Knaus the orphan, Miss Teri the mind bender, and the gloriously mustachioed strongman, Lord Clonington.

“There’s no sword swinging or arrow-shooting elves here,” said Haugsbo, but rather “folks who can mind control animals, kids burying themselves like wusses to avoid monsters, introvert castaways zapping said monsters with the power of science, and brutish aristocrats pummeling living turnips instead.”

Xbox players can explore a vibrant world filled with characters having their own agendas, experience seamless transitions between combat and puzzle solving that keep them on their toes, face enemies head on with brute force or avoid them completely, and uncover more secrets.

Lumina is a Teslamancer, who has tamed the power of electricity. She is lost in the wilderness after a teleportation accident, and needs help to make it back home. She armed with arcane technology that grants her superhuman agility.

Teri has mind control of animals, using them to fetch rare items for the highest bidder. Knaus is a young boy working at a mining colony run by unsupervised children and finds himself exiled after speaking out of turn. His survival relies on speed and cleverness rather than fighting off monsters outright.

Lord Clonington is a brutish gorilla of a man from a long bloodline of muscular aristocrats. He is looking for exotic beasts to fight for sport, and comes handy when big things need to be lifted, thrown, smashed or pummeled.

The characters form a shaky alliance under the guidance of a spry old mystic, so players will be able to switch between them. World to the West will be out on Xbox One on May 5.



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