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‘Only extremists gain on all sides when Islamophobia is allowed’: President Alvi

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Sunday said that only extremists gain on all sides when Islamophobia is allowed under the garb of freedom of expression, ARY News reported.

In a series of tweets, President Alvi said, “Blatantly hypocritical laws must be changed, when most of Europe criminalizes denial of holocaust then insists in allowing public display of blasphemous cartoons.”


He said that France in its politics and policies must act with maturity to unite its entire population, rather than fall into the trap of isolation and polarisation.

“Statements should be measured to marginalise extremists and terrorists, not the mainstream of any religion or its peaceful believers.”

The president said that this is an excellent verbalisation of sentiments of Muslims the world over. He said that they were united in those thoughts.

He said, “Respectful care must be taken regarding our feelings about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The world today desperately needs that people should be pulled together not torn apart.

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Earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan had condemned the publication of blasphemous cartoons to target Islam and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in France and said that President Emmanuel Macron attacked and hurt sentiments of millions of Muslims in Europe and across the world.

PM Imran Khan had said in a series of Twitter messages that the last thing the world wanted or needed was further polarisation and public statements based on ignorance will create more hate, Islamophobia and space for extremists.



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