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Facebook developing virtual-reality versions of its apps

Though Cox did not offer sufficient details of these apps’ capabilities, he hinted at the experiences they could potentially deliver.

“You realize, when you’re in it, that you’re looking at the future, and it’s going to be awesome,” he said, speaking at Re/code’s Code/Media conference.

“When you’re in Facebook, you’re just sending around these bits of experience — a photo, a video, a thought.” With VR, he said, you could be “sending a fuller picture.”

Asked if Facebook users will be able to make their own virtual-reality content, Cox replied, “Totally. You’ll do it. Beyoncé will do it.”

Facebook surprised the tech world last March when it bought virtual reality headset company Oculus for $2 billion. The company, which produces the Oculus Rift, has yet to release its headsets for public consumption.

Currently a developer’s kit costs $350 — a sum that possibly all of Facebook’s 1.23 billion monthly active users could afford.



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