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This new Facebook feature will let users avoid ‘boring friends’ and annoying pages

It was customary for all Facebook users to publish mind-numbingly intimate details of their life to all ‘friends’. But a new Snooze feature will allow contacts to avoid your activities if they are fed up of your postings.

The social network is rolling out Snooze, a button that stops updates from certain people from showing up in your News feed. The feature also works for Pages and groups.

The effect is only temporary, lasting for 30 days, and any friends, pages or groups you Snooze won’t know what you’ve done.

Facebook says the feature will give you “more control” over the News Feed, “so the time [you] spend on Facebook is time well spent.”

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To Snooze a person, page or group, all you need to do is click the Options button in the top-right corner of a post and select Snooze.

Facebook says you’ll be notified just before the Snooze period is about to end, and you can also reverse the setting at any time.

In a blog to illustrate the usefulness of the new function, Facebook product manager Shruthi Muraleedharan gave the example of a rampant traveller who will not stop flashing photos at her ramen at anyone and everyone.

The function will be rolled out to all Facebook users this week.

Muraleedharan wrote: ‘Seeing too many photos of your uncle’s new cat? Is your friend tempting you with endless photos of ramen on her Japan trip? It turns out, you’re not alone,’ Muraleedharan wrote. ‘We’ve heard from people that they want more options to determine what they see in News Feed and when they see it.

‘With Snooze, you don’t have to unfollow or unfriend permanently, rather just stop seeing someone’s posts for a short period of time.’

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