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Facebook introduces new initiative Instant Articles

Mobile Facebook users had considerable trouble in the past when they wanted to go through a news articles. In order to read a news article, users had to click on a link at their home feed and wait for a good 7-8 seconds before another window popped open to display the article.

The new feature Instant Articles will now see that stories run within Facebook and the time difference will be ten times more quicker than the previous version. BuzzFeed, the New York Times, National Geographic, NBC News and The Atlantic have been signed by the social media giant as partners to contribute with the first five articles, starting from today. (Wednesday, 13th May 2015)

The Guardian, Build and Speigel are the very first publishers to have signed up for trial use of the new feature. However, publishers are also viewing the current movie with caution and apprehensions of the social media platform to control a greater part of the content, exists.

Mika Matas, the product designer for Instant Articles, was hopeful and confident that the new app would be superior in every aspect. Users would now have the option to add geo-location tags, likes, zoom in on pictures as well as comment on the news articles.

“Publishers can bring all their branding, people should feel that they are on National Geographic or the Guardian,” he said.



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