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Facebook Live coming to desktops, laptops

Danny Goodwin of Search Engine Journal shared this video from Facebook user Delilah Taylor, in which a Live Video option appeared in her status update composer while accessing the social network via desktop.

Facebook confirmed that it has started the rollout of the feature in a statement to Social Times:

“We’re starting to roll out the ability for people to broadcast live on Facebook from their desktop or laptop.”

A  source with knowledge of the plan told Social Times that the launch of the feature was a response to demand from journalists, vloggers and DIY users among other users.


It is currently available to a small percentage of users with more set to come on board in the coming months.

The source added that peripheral cameras are supported in addition to built-in cameras on laptops.

Taylor said in her video: When I first clicked live video, it didn’t do anything. You’ve got to put in a comment, and then you hit next, and when you hit next, it will bring up a secondary screen, which kind of looks like a Google Hangout screen, and you can adjust your camera and microphone … Then you hit “Go Live.”





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