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Facebook rendezvous with woman takes life of student

ISLAMABAD: It is not imperative that all people use social media with an intention to interact rather than some use it to take advantage of others.

This is what happened with Sheron Bhatti, 22 year old student, from Gujranwala.

The body of deceased was found in the fields of Badiana in Sialkot.

The initial investigation revealed that Sheron Bhatti befriended a girl, Naila, resident of Sialkot, on Facebook who allegedly killed him for money.

Both met on Facebook. The girl called Sheron Bhatti in Islamabad and later his body was found in Sialkot.

Sources claim that the girl, following the killing, left for Nepal.

Sheron Bhatti was a nursing student and wanted to pursue a career in medical field abroad.

Police has also recovered clothes and other belongings of the deceased in a raid at Naila’s home in Sialkot.



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