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Facebook ‘Safety Check’ now easier to access after new dedicated tab

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook on Monday made it simpler to see whether friends have checked in as “safe” on the online platform during disasters or other dangerous events.

A Safety Check feature was given its own dedicated tab along with friends, groups, events and other main categories at the leading social network’s mobile application and desktop pages, according to the California-based company.

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“Safety Check helps our community let loved ones know they are safe during a crisis, find and give help, as well as learn more about a crisis,” Facebook said in an online post.

“There’s now a single place to go to see where Safety Check has recently been activated, get the information you need and potentially be able to help affected areas.”

Safety check facebook

The modification began rolling out on Monday.

Facebook added the Safety Check feature three years ago as a way for people to check on the well-being of loved ones during natural disasters.

It broadened to include terrorism and other major violence after horrific attacks in Paris in 2015.

How do I use Facebook Safety Check?

The social network switches on the service following a disaster or atrocity.

People in the region where a horrific event occurred will receive a Facebook notification on their smartphone, asking if they are safe and well.

Safety Check

You can then tick an option which says “I’m safe”, which will place a post on your News Feed to alert friends or family, or also select an option which allows you to tell people you weren’t in the area affected by the disaster.



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