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Facts to know about Bill Gates on his Birthday

The co-founder of the world’s largest software company Bill Gates was born today on October 28th, 1955. There are things that everyone must know about this great man.

  1. Bill Gates, a computer programmer, inventor, business magnate, philanthropist and a great entrepreneur is not only America’s richest man but tops the list of Forbes top ten wealthiest man of the world.  He has some property of 80 billion dollars. He is the co-founder, former chief executive and chairman of Microsoft, world largest personal computer Software Company.
  2. People definitely know that the biggest entrepreneur of the world is a dropped out of his university. To an utter belief yes he was! But there are things people need to know too that he was the student of Harvard University one of the world’s top university. Bill scored 1590 marks out 1600 on the SAT (standardized test). He later got the honorary doctorate from Harvard University and others also.
  3.  He is also the most famous philanthropy icon of the world. In 2000, Bill with his wife Melinda founded a charitable foundation called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundatio, it is the world’s wealthiest charitable organization.  His organization has spent $30 billion since 2000 for social work. They have focused on Polio, Smallpox, Malaria and American Education system.
  4. This must be not known that Microsoft founder went behind bars on April 29th, 1975. He was 19 at that time, Bill Gates was arrested for traffic violation by the Albuquerque Police department. The charges were speeding and driving without a license. He was later, arrested twice for breaking traffic laws.
  5. The man has written a couple of books and has appeared in a series of ads to promote Microsoft co-starrer with Jerry Seinfield.Happy Birthday Bill



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