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Fahad Mirza flaunts his sculpting skills

Actor, model and plastic surgeon Fahad Mirza recently took to social media to show off his sculpting skills which he is working on during quarantine amid the pandemic. 

Taking to Instagram, he shared that he is exploring his creative side while staying at home.

Sharing a photo of the sculpture he made, he wrote “She is finally complete!! I think one of the most beautiful sights in nature is a women coming out of water, and that is what our sculpture is shown doing.”

He asked fans to suggest a name for the sculpture and said let’s see how creative they can be with it.

Earlier, he told his followers that he sculpts to improve his understanding of the human body.

Fahad Mirza had also recommended fans to meditate now that the pace of life has slowed down due to the lockdown.

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Meditation is a very powerful way to gain control of your mind and achieve self awareness. It has been documented that 80% of the thoughts that occupy our minds are mindless chatter that distracts us and instils fear in us, both things reduce creativity and productivity. For, where there is fear, there cannot be creativity and passion. This mental chatter also prevents us from being present in the moment. Iqbal said, “A man who cannot control his thoughts, is like a man being driven aimlessly by wild horses.” I would recommend you guys to try meditation, especially now, when the pace of life has slowed down! And for those who seek self knowledge, Meditation is also a doorway to your inner self. Like Rumi said, “And you? When will you begin that long awaited journey into yourself?” So I ask….when will you?? #fahadmirza #plasticsurgeon #sculptor #actor #meditation #selfawareness #innerjourney #becomingsupernatural #bethebestyou

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“Meditation is a very powerful way to gain control of your mind and achieve self awareness,” he said.



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