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Fahad Mustafa to lend his voice for animated feature 3 Bahadur sequel

Fahad Mustafa has captivated Pakistan’s audience from his acting skills to his stellar hosting skills from Jeeto Pakistan. There were earlier reports that Fahad was planning to make his debut in a Bollywood flick, however there are confirmed reports that he will be starring in Mah-e-eMeer, which will also star Iman Ali in the leading role besides him.

However, Fahad Mustafa has other exciting projects which he will be a part of in the future. According to hipinpakistan.com,  the actor will be lending his voice to the sequel of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s upcoming sequel to the hit animated feature film 3 Bahadur. For what role exactly, we’re not quite sure yet. However, any project that involves Mustafa is bound to be interesting!

Previously, Behroze Sabzwari (chowkidar Deenu), Khalid Ahmed (Mangu) Bassam Shazli, and Nadir Siddiqui had lent their voices for the first part of the movie. 3 Bahadur is the story of three children who are residents of Andher Basti, a crime infested neighbourhood. Together and with the use of their superpowers, they ward off evil and fight Mangu (the antagonist) in a bid to rid Andher Basti of its menaces.

3 Bahadur

The animated feature film had been highly succesful and had beaten a couple of high-profile Bollywood flicks at the box office.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s latest Song of Lahore documentary was also met with critical praise and appreciation. She had screened the movie at New York and the event was hosted by Meryl Streep.



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