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‘Jalan’ star Fahad Sheikh says Fahad Mustafa is his mentor

Fahad Sheikh, who has been making waves on national television in the role of Ahmer in ARY Digital’s Jalan has credited Fahad Mustafa for his success.

Talking to Nida Yasir on Good Morning Pakistan, Sheikh had some words of wisdom for newcomers in the industry looking to find a footing. According to him, it’s imperative to find a mentor for yourself in the industry.

“My mentor is Fahad Mustafa,” he said. “I had no relation with him, and just told him that I’m here to become an actor, and he said ‘theek hai (okay)’. It’s been four and a half years since then and I never had to ask him again.”

Sheikh also shared how when you star in one hit serial, people tell you to be more picky with future projects but Mustafa has a different outlook. “He always has one line: ‘Chup karke kaam karo. Buhat abhi peche ho, beta (Be quiet and just work, you’re not that far ahead yet)’.”

He also opened up about what his mentor thought of his acting skills, and the advice he had for him. “He (Mustafa) told me after my second serial that I’m not a good actor, but that I can be a good charmer on-screen. That’s what I have held on to!”

“You should be aware of this, and you need someone to keep you grounded. It’s important to surround yourself with people who tell you the truth,” said Sheikh.

Sheikh is not just an actor, but also a filmmaker with a diploma from the Hollywood Film Institute. He is currently seen on TV in ARY Digital’s Jalan. 



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