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Fair election brings real democracy: Imran Khan  

Imran Khan, speaking to media here in Islamabad before leaving for Karachi, said that democracy is achieved by transparent elections. He also said that the money is spent on the poor people in a democratic country.

The PTI Chairman said that democracy gives him the right to demand justice in a peaceful manner. He claimed that all the doors for demanding justice were closed for him.

Khan also said that he did not want to shut down cities but “Plan C” is being implemented to pressurize the federal government to investigate the alleged rigging in the general elections of 2013.

“This is a fight for Pakistan’s future”, he said.

He added that the elections should be investigated and the guilty should be punished.

“The merit system was not introduced and the money earned from development projects is taken by the elite families”, the PTI Chairman said.

He further said that the negotiations between PTI and the government should resume from where they left off. He added that the government ended the negotiation process between the party.

Imran Khan said that the government will be responsible if they resort to any violence in the protest at Lahore. He added that the mindset of PTI has changed.



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