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Faisal Qureshi, Jibran Nasir debate on Google Hangout

Ever since Bollywood movie Phantom’s trailer was released, it induced a lot of ire from Pakistan and its artists, prominent personalities. Joining Hamza Ali Abbasi and Shahid was media personality and journalist Faisal Qureshi, whose video deriding Saif Ali Khan went viral on the internet.

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Whilst most Pakistanis hailed Faisal as a patriot and admired his sarcastic and stinging humour in the video, others criticized the journo’s video and termed it as misogynistic. One among such critics was also prominent humanitarian and lawyer Jibran Nasir.

So Jibran and Faisal both agreed to participate in a live debate, which was moderated by Aliya Nazki, a renowned BBC journalist who also presents BBC Urdu’s Sairbeen. Here is the video shared from Faisal Qureshi’s official Facebook account:-

Whilst Faisal Qureshi was upset as to the criticism and personal, unsolicited loathing he had received by some people, Jibran could not comprehend as to how Pakistanis could react so ferociously to a simple Bollywood movie. Throughout the video, Faisal Qureshi defended his right to make fun of Saif Ali Khan and reiterated that his main aim and purpose was to make fun of Saif and not females.



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