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Faisalabad man shoots dead three women over ‘honour’

Man, identified as Wahid, had doubts on character of his wife, mother-in-law and a female relative residing in Balochni area of Faisalabad for some time.

Later, he convinced his cousin into believing his suspicions and decided to murder all three women. On Wednesday, he arrived with his accomplice at women’s place and sprayed them with bullets.

All of them died on the spot.

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Police said the suspect had doubts on character of his wife Farzana and mother-in-law Nasreen. They said raids were being conducted to arrest the culprit.

Hundreds of women are murdered by their relatives in Pakistan each year on the pretext of defending family “honour”.

Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy had met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently as her documentary film won an Oscar, turning a global spotlight on honour killings in Pakistan.

Pakistan amended its criminal code in 2005 to prevent men who kill female relatives escaping punishment by pardoning themselves as an “heir” of the victim.

But it was left to a judge’s discretion to decide whether to impose a prison sentence when other relatives of the victim forgive the killer — a loophole which critics say remains exploited.

But PM Sharif has also vowed to eradicate the “evil” of honour killings in Pakistan.



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