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Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s 106th birth anniversary today

The pioneer of progressive writings and an inspiring poet Fiaz Ahmed Faiz contributed in the Urdu literary world, one of the eminent writer of Pakistan was gifted with such an inspirational thoughts  that has pierced our hearts  with his wonderful masterpieces. Faiz was an affirmed Marxist and received the “Lenin Peace Prize” by Soviet Union in 1962.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz born on February 13, 1911 in Kala Qader (Faiz Nagar) District, Sialkot. Faiz belonged to a literary family.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz learnt languages such as Persian, Arabic. He completed his masters degree in Arabic in the year 1932. Faiz had added value to the Pakistani culture and art and thus led a different diversion of creating its own sense of knowing our roots and getting to its core where this nation belongs to.


Faiz has written multiple books such as “Culture and Identity ” , “The Rebel’s Silhouette” and “The True Subject”  has illustrated a different impact of selective poetry and elaborating the form of culture and individuality. He was an activist and an intellectual representing progressive thought in Pakistani society.

In 1972 when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the prime minister of Pakistan, Faiz was made advisor at the Ministry of Culture in an honorary capacity.

Faiz’s poetry and literary contribution on culture and other spheres with revolutionary political thought enriched Pakistan’s inheritance of culture and literature. He left the world 33 years ago in November, 1984.

It is very clear that the renowned poet of the subcontinent dedicated his work  to the nation and became a revolution to the writing era where he used his words to express his  inner solace by revolting against the negativity.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz devoted his skills to the upbringing of this nation and left his legacy as a mark of treasure we will cherish forever.



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