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Faiz Ahmed Faiz's 30th Death Anniversary today

The Man who wrote ” Nisar Me teri Galiyon k ae watan k  Jahan” to “Hum Dekhen Ge” left the world and his beloved country on the same day as today.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz was born on February 13,1911 in Sialkot. He is the most famous poet of Urdu. His mother name was Sultan Fatima and father was Sultan Muhammad Khan.

Faiz’s father was lawyer and he had also interest in literature.Therefore, Faiz interest in literature was in his blood.
He started his primary education in Sialkot and learned Urdu, Persian and Arabic. He also studied English literature.He passed B.A Arabic from Government college Lahore.Faiz passed M.A English in 1932. He started branch of Progressive Writers Movement. He was a distinct poet.

Pakistan government awarded Nishan-e-Imtiaz for his best literary work.Faiz was the best Asian poet to be awarded Lenin Peace prize in 1963. In 1964 he was appointed as Principal In Abdullah Haroon college Karachi.In 1972 he became the chairman of Arts council of Pakistan.
In 1975 Faiz Ahmed Faiz received Afro-Asian prize.In 1980 Faiz dedicated his book “Mere Dill Mere Musafir” to the Palestine leader Yasser Arafat. Many books of Faiz Ahmed Faiz translated in other languages.5 books of Faiz Ahmed Faiz translated in Sindhi and were launched on his anniversary.
In 2011 Faiz’s  centenary celebrated in Asia,north America,and Europe.

Faiz was the first Asian poet to be awarded the Lenin Peace Prize, the Soviet Union’s equivalent to the Nobel Prize in 1963. He used traditional meters and rhythms to compose poetry that was a blend of Romanticism and realism. Before his death he was also nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Naqshe Faryadi
Daste Saba
Zindan Nama
Mizan, a collection of literary articles
Sare-Wadiye Seena
Shame-Shehr Yaran
Merey Dil Merey Musafar


At the Lenin Peace Prize ceremony, held in the grand Kremlin hall in Moscow, Faiz thanked the Russian government for conferring the honour, and delivered an acceptance speech, which appears as a brief preface to his collection Dast-i-tah-i-Sang (Hand under the rock):

“ Human ingenuity, science and industry have made it possible to provide each one of us everything we need to be comfortable provided these boundless treasures of nature and production are not declared the property of a greedy few but are used for the benefit of all of humanity… However, this is only possible if the foundations of human society are based not on greed, exploitation and ownership but on justice, equality, freedom and the welfare of everyone… I believe that humanity which has never been defeated by its enemies will, after all, be successful; at long last, instead of wars, hatred and cruelty, the foundation of humankind will rest on the message of the great Persian poet Hafez Shiraz: ‘Every foundation you see is faulty, except that of Love, which is faultless….”

   —Faiz Ahmad Faiz, 1962

Faiz married Alys Faiz. Together, the couple gave birth to two daughters Salima and Moneeza Hashmi



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