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Faizullah’s conviction: Appeal to be filed in Afghan high court

The administration of the Pakistani Embassy in Afghanistan informed ARY News management through a letter that an appeal shall be made within the Afghan high court against the conviction of Faizullah Khan, while Pakistani officials have also asked the Afghan authorities for diplomatic outreach to the Pakistani journalist.

On the other hand, keeping in view seriousness of the case, the United States (US) is also reviewing the penalty awarded to Faizullah Khan. The US State Department says that the details pertaining to the matter will be issued; once all the information about the case is obtained.

US State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki stated a few days ago that journalists all over the world go in search of news putting their lives at great risk and sometimes without travel documents, and everyone is aware of this fact.

ARY News’ reporter, Faizullah Khan was sentenced to four years prison term for mistakenly entering into Afghanistan.



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