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Fake faith healer arrested for swindling people in Raiwind

LAHORE: Police on Wednesday claimed to have arrested a fake faith healer for swindling people in Raiwind, ARY News reported.

According to the details, the fake faith healer used to cheat people by telling them that a treasure was hidden in the foundations of their houses.

In order to become rich overnight, many people believed his claims true, the police said and added that the swindler demanded of the people to give him cash, gold or other valuables to unearth the treasure trove.

After receiving money from the people, the fake faith healer used to escape from the area, the police added. The swindler has deprived many people of their live savings.

Acting on a tip-off, the police conducted raid at house in Raiwind and arrested the fake faith healer. The police registered a case and launched investigations against the suspect.

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Last year in February, a man’s search for a 400-year-old treasure within his house hit the rock when the police had got winds of his plan before he could become rich overnight.

According to the details, Tariq Nawaz, the house’ owner, had returned from Qatar a few months ago and was living in Dalmia area of the city.

Days ago, his brother-in-law had informed him about a dream that he saw. In the dream, he had claimed, he saw a treasure hidden in the foundations of their house.





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