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Fakhr-e-Alam makes a grand comeback with ‘Shikwa-e-Pakistan’

Pioneer of rap music in Pakistan Fakhr-e-Alam recently sang his comeback song ‘Shikwa-e-Pakistan’ in Salam Zindagi morning show on ARY Zindagi.

Fakhr-e-Alam produced this song along rapper/singer/music producer Shezan Saleem under the newly found band FASS.

‘FASS’, according to the band’s Facebook page, is a brand new collaboration of Hip Hop Music in Pakistan.

‘Shikwa-e-Pakistani’ speaks up on issues an average Pakistani faces on daily basis including corruption, load shedding, unchecked high school fees, inflation and potable water scarcity. This rap asks the compatriots to stand up against all the ills we face.

In an interview, Fakhr said the prevailing socio-political situation of Pakistan prompted him to produce a fierce and searing critique.

“Shikwa-e-Pakistani is based on Pakistan, its history and current affairs. You can relate its lyrics to your daily life, to all the difficulties you face,” said Alam.

He said it would not stop here as his band FASS has already ‘Jawab-e-Shikwa’ ready against all the complaints.

Here is complete Salam Zindagi program featuring Fakhr-e-Alam:


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