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Falling from grace: Urwa Hocane slips during Lux Style Awards 2015 performance

Talk about trouble in paradise!

Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane was supposed to enchant all with her performance on the song Darbadar. With a packed audience witnessing her spectacle, Urwa Hocane danced around the stage to and fro, till a slip-up botched her whole performance!

The Na Maloom Afraad actress was running from the back towards the front of the stage, as part of a  rehearsed move (apparently not a good one), when she slipped and fell. Urwa gathered herself immediately after the fall and continued the rest of her performance, as if nothing had happened.

Urwa Hocane’s drama serial Mere Ajnabi also airs on ARY Digital, in which the actress romances Farhan Saeed on-screen.

Urwa Hocane is not the first performer to trip during a live performance, mistakes do happen. However, better rehearsed performances would do the trick next time!



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