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Famed Indian film director calls Tiger Shroff a ‘woman’

MUMBAI: Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s tweets often become news, a bad one to say precisely. Once again the director has stirred a controversy after he reportedly called budding actor Tiger Shroff a ‘woman’ in a telephonic conversation with dashing hero Vidyut Jammwal.

Apparently, RGV, a few days back tweeted about how cool it would be to see a face-off between Tiger and ‘Commando’ actor Vidyut Jammwal.

He did not stop at one just tweet but went on tweeting about it urging the two to fight. What took a dramatic step is when Vidyut made a call to RGV asking about why he is insinuating a face-off between the two actors.

Vidyut recorded the whole conversation and made it public. A drunk RGV can be heard speaking trash about Tiger, calling him ‘Tiger Shroff is the greatest woman I saw in my life.”

He even makes some obnoxious comments about Jackie Shroff’s son and later even tweeted it. Check out the series of tweets by RGV and listen to the recorded conversation shared by Vidyut here:

Vidyut told Mumbai Mirror as to how all of this happened. So the actor got a call from RGV on Monday about some work where the director was praising him a lot. He said, “Later, he called to ask if I had read his tweets. I did read them and told him that I didn’t understand why he would he make such remarks. I put out the recording with his permission.”

Tiger however maintained his last stance of ‘everybody has a freedom to express’. He told the daily, “Ramu sir is very random sometimes. Vidyut sir and I are martial artistes and the first rule of martial arts is that we don’t use it as an offensive. I wouldn’t want to use martial arts to fight anybody. Ramu sir and Vidyut sir are my seniors and I wouldn’t want to talk against them either,” he asserted, insisting he has a lot of respect for both. Ramu sir has the freedom of speech so he can say what he wants. I haven’t heard the recording so I wouldn’t want to comment on it.”

According to Jammwal, Ram Gopal Varma spoke utter rubbish in his drunken state. While in his tweets he was favouring Tiger Shroff, in the telephonic conversation, Mr Varma had a completely different story to narrate.

This is highly disappointing. Previously, RGV had passed a lewd comment and referred to Tiger Shroff as ‘bikini babe’. Later on, he had justified his comment by stating that Tiger and his father Jackie Shroff are his good friends and he just meant good for Tiger.

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