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Family arrested for stealing 4,000kg of oranges in Spain

MADRID: Police in Spain have arrested a family of thieves trying to steal tons of oranges from a warehouse in Carmona.

Police officers in Seville, Spain, discovered three vehicles passing a patrol car on the road between Torreblanca and Mairena de Alcor in the Spanish region.

Oranges thief Spain

The law enforcers noticed something odd in the way the cars were being driven, especially when they changed direction on seeing a patrol car ahead. When the officers chased the two cars and a van down, forcing them to stop, they discovered that the cars were jam-packed with stolen oranges.

Oranges thief Spain

According to reports, five people had stolen the fruits from a warehouse. Initially, they said it was for personal use but the police weren’t convinced.

Oranges thief Spain

Soon after the news broke on social media, people couldn’t handle their curiosity after seeing pictures of cars spilling over with oranges. As the police opened the door, oranges tumbled out.

Further investigation about the thieves is underway.



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