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Family of Sabri’s alleged killer plead innocence

Fauzia, the wife of Siddiqui, while talking to ARY News, said that they heard about the killing of Sabri on television while he was present at home. She said that police arrested Siddiqui at 5AM on 16th July and they did not hear about him ever since.

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She said that Imran was an employee of the District Municipal Corporation (DMC), and used to worked as a street vendor in his spare time. Their family came to know about the killing of Sabri through television, and they were deeply saddened over his death and even participated in his funeral.

The family members said that the family are disheartened over his arrest. His sister, Annie, said that Imran had never been outside Karachi, and it is not possible that he would have visited Thailand.

At the time, Imran was present at home and was preparing the Iftar meal to break the fast in Ramazan. She said that her brother was arrested by two masked men in civilian dresses, while another two policeman beat him and carried him away.

Imran’s father said that they had searched for him everywhere after his arrest, and had even submitted an application in the court.



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