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Fan gifts ‘Terminator Pipe’ to Schwarzenegger on his birthday    

A fan presented a unique hand-carved ‘Terminator Pipe’ to Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger on his 73rd birthday.

According to the details, A Reddit user posted a picture of a pipe that he carved for Schwarzenegger’s birthday. The pipe was hand-carved and painted head of Schwarzenegger’s iconic character – the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 or the T-800 from the Terminator series.

The remarkable pipe impressed many, including Schwarzenegger. The legendary actor contacted the artist and asked him if he could buy it. But the artist replied that he wanted to gift it to him and added that it will be a great honour for him. Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrated his 73rd birthday on July 30.

On Wednesday, the Schwarzenegger shared his photo using the pipe and sent it with a note of thanks to the fan. “I Love it. You’re really talented, and I can’t thank you enough,” Schwarzenegger wrote on Reddit.



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