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WATCH: Farmer performs daring stunts on his tractor

An Indian farmer has built up a huge fan base after his videos of performing daring wheelies on his tractor went viral.

Gaggi Bansra, aged 21, has been practicing audaciously bold acts for over four years after exploring a passion for reckless stunts while working in his father’s fields in Punjab.

The man can effortlessly maneuver the one-tonne tractor on its back wheels and drag it for an impressive 100 meters (328ft) at one time.

The only son of an agrarian father says it takes him to a different zone as it’s a thrilling ride.

As a teenager, he dreamed of owning a motorbike but could never afford one, started practicing wheelie on the only vehicle available to him.


After being dropped out of college, Bansra started helping his father in irrigating the fields.

He says he had never seen a video of such stunts before. “It just came to my mind that why not to try doing something adventurous with a heavy machine,” a foreign media website quoted him as saying.

“I would be honest, I miserably failed the first day as the tractor was heavy and it did not even come off the ground.”

Bansra said it took him three months to master his act, adding that the first try was a sheer disappointment.

tractor wheelie

Keeping his hopes high, Bansra initially started exhibiting his stunts to pals and other farmers in the field.

With growing popularity across the villages, offers from fair and films started pouring in.

He receives as much as £176 to see him performing these stunts from various fair organizers every year.

Bansra is looking forward to make a name for himself worldwide.




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