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Farooq Sattar should resign, form separate party: Kamal

He was speaking exclusively to ARY News program Powerplay where he said that those who leave the MQM have to disassociate themselves Altaf Hussain, and cannot make amendments in the party and usurp leadership position. “MQM is Altaf, and Altaf is MQM,” he reminded.

Kamal said that Farooq Sattar was sailing in a ship which was destined to sink, and that he should step up his own party if he was so popular. “What is the use of the MQM to him,” he¬†questioned.

While commenting on the statement by MQM convener Nadeem Nusrat that all parliamentarians should resign and seek re-election in their individual capacity, he said that it was highly unlikely until a new party is formed.

He said that Altaf Hussain was calling party workers and office bearers not to join Farooq Sattar. He once again urged him Sattar to form his own party, or they will reach out to them and make them jump from their sinking ship.



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