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VIDEO: Father dangles baby out of car to get social media likes

SIBERIA: A disturbing video has emerged, showing a father dangling his baby from the window of a BMW, then posted about it on social media “to get likes”.

The man, identified only as Roman R, uploaded a video showing him hold the baby out of a car window then speed away with one hand on the wheel.

Other photos show only him, doing handstands on railings or hanging off buildings – foolhardy but only risking his own life.

Understandably the baby photos, one showing the child held by its foot, have sparked a backlash online.

Baby dangle roof

The Siberian Times showed the photos, said to be taken in Zelenogorsk, Russia, which he had apparently captioned with ‘Look at this world from a different angle.’

People accused him of being ‘sick’ and an ‘insane fool’. ‘He does not give a damn, it’s clear,’ one comment said.



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