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Father turns out to be murderer of five-year-old son in Pattoki


PATTOKI: A horrifying crime has been uncovered by local police as a father turned out to be the murderer of his own son aged 5 in Pattoki, ARY News reported on Sunday.

Police said that the suspect had registered a complaint regarding the abduction of his minor child yesterday.

However, local police arrested him to hold interrogation over having suspicion following his statement in the complaint. Later, the father allegedly confessed his crime to kill his own son, whose dead body had been thrown in Manga Mandi.

Police officials said that the department is carrying on further investigation against him as they felt the suspect’s mental health is abnormal.

Earlier on November 3, in a heinous turn of events, a resident of Quaidabad area of Karachi had shot at a father and son over alleged theft of his WiFi password.

According to details, a man named Qasim undertook the callous act over a fight with a father and his son that took place over one and a half month.

The victims, Farooq and his younger son, Haris were threatened by Qasim over alleged theft of his WiFi password and internet service.

Relatives of the deceased father and son narrate that a case was registered against Qasim for issuing life threats of a serious nature to Adnan who was another of Farooq’s son and a brother of the murdered Haris. After the case was registered, Qasim had gone into hiding.

Haris was a graduation student in Karachi University while his father, Farooq worked at a Steel Mill.



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