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Father’s Day is being celebrated today around the world

Fathers are not articulate enough when it comes to expressing the inner deep feelings, unlike mothers. They mostly remain invisible in daytime, allowing mothers to rule and return to the home in the night when darkness prevails with their real and unspeakable power.

Albeit, they love to express their feelings but more often they could not give tongue to it. To pay respect to fathers and appreciate their hardship for the entire family, the father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. Father’s Day 2017 is being celebrated on 18 June (today).

The objective of the day is to recognize the contribution and services of fathers for their children. It honours fathers for their relentless dedication for their families, and celebrates fatherhood and paternal bonds.

On this day, every child gets a turn to tell a father about his importance by sending special messages to them. Indeed, he deserves a big thank for the never ending support to family.

The event was first observed in the year 1910 in the United States, based on an idea endorsed by Sorona Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington, who wanted to pay respect to her father.



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